Lou Jordan’s life experience has effectively penetrated into the realms of fiction for Elvis Presley lovers. I am pleased to write- up my diary memoirs on Lou, who has a real rock ‘n’ roll narrative to tell.  Affably known as ‘Elvis to the Stars’, he has cultivated a niche in the market as an elite Elvis tribute artist.  Equipped with the knowledge and musicality for success, Lou has used his natural dedicated determination to actualise rather a surreal existence.  His lifestyle could be considered as effectively the realisation of a true American Dream for all those involved in the competitive world of Elvis legacy acts.

Lou divides his time, though never his loyalties, between regular gigs in proletarian venues from Ciro’s Pomodoro, Knightsbridge to The Cavalier, north London.  On interstitial nights, this true-life Prince Charming elopes to celebrity balls at the likes of The Dorchester and Grosvenor House.

Every picture tells a satirical and poignant tale in his homepage photo gallery!  During his career, he has been pictured with beautiful celebrities from Liz Hurley and Angelina Jolie to Joan Collins. Male musical superstars that Lou has rubbed shoulders with include Robin Gibb and Roger Daltrey- his keystone charity being The British Heritage Foundation.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart.

A Personal Journey from Mayfair to Memphis.

Blessed with a heart and soul for archetypal Rock ‘n’ Roll, Lou’s regular philanthropic charity performances take him to Mayfair, Hurlingham and beyond, entertaining the likes of football and cricketing legends, with private bookings extenuating to the realms of royalty…  No matter for whom Lou is performing, he maintains the same consistent professional persona and charm.  His joie de vivre is profound, setting a precedent and example to musicians at the inception of their careers, seeking to secure a firm foundation.  Lou can sing, play his guitar with facility and has an excellent grasp of musical history.  This has set a firm foundation for his success- these fundamental, yet not always axiomatic assets are pivotal for Lou.  More importantly, he would not be ‘Elvis to the Stars’ if he did not have a firm conceptual understanding of human nature and humble roots.  His vocal delivery and incidental satire combine in ensuring a mesmeric experience.  Lou’s act is definitely set in a modern context, with his grasp of healthy living being considerably more profound perhaps than the original Elvis.